Types of necklace chain

Silver necklaces has become a popular accessory to virtually any culture around the world. Sparkling in radiance and elegance, silver necklaces has provide a far more afordable alternative yet maintaining the beauty of a jewelry to women worldwide. However, no necklace, be it a silver necklace or a gold necklace, is complete without a chain. Styles of necklace chains come in a variety of lengths and widths, and if you are on the lookout for the information on the different style of necklace chain provided at jewelry shop, here are some useful guide on how to recognize them.

Silver necklace - box necklace chain

Box necklace chain: A common type of necklace used both in silver necklace and gold necklace. The appearance of a box necklace chain is square. Each link looks like a little box or square which is interconnected with the next. The Venetian chain is another name used for this type of necklace chain.

Silver necklace - Rolo necklace chain
Cable necklace chain: The typical necklace chain, composed of round same-size rings, each linked to the next.

Rolo necklace chain: A type of necklace chain commonly used in jewelry, either in silver necklace or gold necklace. Rolo necklace chain features uniform, round links. This type of necklace chain is very similar to a cable chain, but designed to lay flatter.
 Silver necklace - curb necklace chain

 Curb necklace chain: Another type of necklace chain usually used for silver necklace, as well as gold necklce. Curb necklace chain has oval-shaped links twisted and it is often diamond-cut to lie flat

Silver necklace - Figaro necklace chain

Figaro necklace chain: A style of necklace chain with alternating rectangular and circular links, typically one long rectangle followed by three smaller round links.

Silver necklace - Byzantine necklace chain
Byzantine chain: A type of silver necklace (or gold necklce) that looks like a random mess of interwoven metal at the first glance, however, much thought goes into the construction. Byzantine necklace chain is actually an intricate neck chain design where two pairs of oval-shaped links are linked together and then parted by a third, larger, thicker link attached to each pair.

Silver necklace - wheat necklace chain
Wheat necklace chain: A necklace chain constructed of ovals that have been a little twisted. In order to create an intricate necklace, these links are connected and intertwined. Once completed, the design gives a woven appearance.

Silver necklace - bead necklace chain

Bead necklace chain: Needless to describe further. Well, it looks like a chain of beads.

Silver necklace - rope necklace chain

Rope necklace chain: Another name that describe its appearance. Rope necklace chain, used either in silver necklace or gold necklace, is composed of  two thick strands woven together giving the appearance of a spiral.

Silver necklace - Mariner necklace chain

Mariner necklace chain: Mariner necklace chain consists of oval links with a bar dividing the middle of each link. The figogucci is a variant of the mariner.

Silver necklace - Omega necklace chain

Omega necklace chain: A type of flat necklace chain made up of rectangular smooth rounded metal plates side by side and crimped along the ends onto a strip of metal mesh. Used both in silver necklace and gold necklace.

Silver necklace - mesh necklace chain
Mesh necklace chain: This necklace chain looks like mesh. It is a bit wider than the usual types of chains. Small twisted circular links are woven together in a fine manner, often at least five tiny links in width and laid flat.
silver necklace - Herringbone necklace chain

Herringbone necklace chain: Herringbone necklace chain is a series of short, flat, slanted, parallel links in two or more rows, with the direction of the slant alternating row by row.

Silver necklace - snake necklace chain

Snake necklace chain: A style used in silver necklace and gold necklace. Snake necklace chain composed of series of round wavy metal rings joined side by side and forming a smooth flexible tube. The links have a slight curve in the middle of them and look a little like scales.

silver necklace - singapore necklace chain

Singapore necklace chain:  Another style commonly used in silver necklace and gold necklace. Singapore necklace chain is made up of twisted links composed of a series of flat, diamond-cut, interwoven loops.

The necklace chains described here are both common to silver necklace and gold necklace. Together, these necklace chains provide a wonderful choice of chains to complete your collection of silver necklaces and gold necklaces.


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